The Powerhouse Divas

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Powerhouse Divas 10 24 09a

Another Performance from the Powerhouse Divas at Hot Tin Roof in San Antonio Texas

Powerhouse Diva "Duchess"singing I'm Yours

Powerhouse Diva "Thee Diva a.k.a The Duchess" singing "I'm Yours" @ the Hot tin roof on Tuesdays @ 7:30

The Powerhouse Divas "Princess Diva" @ the Hot tin

Powerhouse Diva "Princess Diva" singing "you're the best thing" from the Gladys Knight Medley.

The Powerhouse Divas @ Hot Tin Roof

"lady diva" singing "Midnight train to georgia"

San Antonio's Own.....The Powerhouse Divas

We are the Powerhouse Divas performing @ the Hot Tin Roof every Saturday night in San Antonio, TX starting at 9 PM. Come and enjoy the show. Karaoke done in between the Divas sets and after the show...