The Powerhouse Divas

Available for Special Events & Performances

"They bought me my favorite drink---a seven and seven! It rocked!"

"Hot tin roof Hottie"

"Lady Diva finally steals a smooch from longtime Powerhouse Divas groupie "Bill"

"Duchess Diva taking a break & getting some love from her grandkids."

"Alumni members celebrating their high school years from 1971 & now...they partied in the VIP section."

   "Our wonderful bartender & managers attending to the party in the balcony VIP section....they had a blast!"

"What a show!   Celebrants were partying away & cheering on during the Powerhouse Divas show. They were watching over the balcony! There were about 150 was great!"

" A group of partiers getting down and having a good time!"